What's Happening Kauai ?

1st Sunday of the month 
Sadhana Sunday Mini Yoga Retreat;  
Yoga Asana Class, Kirtan, Meditation Workshop, Vegan Pot-luck ,  Live Music , Ecstatic Dance.
@BYS Anahola *
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WednesdayYoga Asana Class- By donation with Renata text to confirm it's on (808) 631-3155

Kapaa Beach Park Behind Beach Hostel
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Candlelight Kirtan Mediation  in Kilauea Gathering

Parish Hall green building 
Kilauea 2518 Kolo, 96754

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Thursday 7-8pm in Kilauea Parish Hall

(Green Building Near Thrift Store) 

Sadhana Sunday: 5-8pm 

(1st Sunday Of Month)

BYS in Anahola Contact for directions 

Text: 808-551-6610 

A magical evening happens every Sunday on Kauai. If you are new to the island, you may not have heard about it. But if you stay long enough, you're sure to hear the locals chatting about it over the “coconut wireless,” and you'll receive a friendly invite to the “Kirtan Gathering in Anahola”. (Word of mouth is one of the best ways to hear about the local hotspots and happenings on Kauai.)

The Sunday Sacred Kirtan Gathering is located at the Bhakti Yoga Shack - a small, home yoga studio along the Anahola river, at the foot of Kalalea mountain. It is surrounded by green pastures with grazing cows, and is only a stone's throw to the beach.

The evening begins early with a yoga asana class in the yoga shack, and a group devotional lei-making circle upstairs. Friends old and new connect over small talk, while threading Hawaiian tropical flowers into colorful fragrant leis. The leis are used to decorate the room, then later are gifted to newcomers – warmly welcoming them island-style. 


The aroma of fresh Indian spices, mixed with the smoke of incense, fills the air. Smiles are freely handed out, and slowly the room fills with guests - sipping hot Chai tea from ceramic mugs, gathering on the floor in a meditation circle, plumping up their yoga cushions - settling in for their weekly dose of kirtan meditation.


We humbly open up our hearts to you, and invite you to join us at our home for the Kauai kirtan experience.

Radha dasi & Gopal das 

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