June 5th, 2016 
Unplug from the ordinary.

Journey to Find Yourself . Take a Spiritual Adventure.

Don't miss Special Visiting Guest: Dynamic Bhakti Yoga Teacher Acharya das; an inspirational "Spiritual Health and wellness coach" This retreat is open level for first time beginners though advanced.

• Yoga Asana Workshops 
• Heart-opening Kirtans with guests from around the world
• Delicious Healthy Island Fresh Vegan Meals
•   Ecstatic Kirtan Dance 
• Yoga Wisdom Workshops with Teacher Acharya das 

Kirtan Yoga immersion Retreat on the East-side of Kauai at the Bhakti Yoga Shack; 

Relax, Recharge - Discover how Yoga can help heal and balance mind, body & spirit and deepen your own personal connection with The Divine (God).

Kirtan Yoga Immersion Schedule

8am Yoga Asana Class
9am Yogis Vegan Breakfast 
9.30 Kirtan Chants with special guest artists 
10.30am Acharya das Yoga Wisdom class & kirtan 
12:30 Delicious island Fresh Vegan Lunch 
1.30pm kayak to the ocean to play or attend Deep Peace Class
2.30pm Japa Yoga Meditation Workshop with guest teacher
3pm Kirtan from around the world with special guest speaker
4pm Yoga Asana Class (or join our devotional lei making circle)
5pm Kirtan Bliss 
6pm Eat Pray Love Feast Vegan Dinner 
7pm Ecstatic Kirtan Dance 
8pm Acharya das Yoga Wisdom Class 
9pm Melodic kirtan 

$ love donation 
Includes all Yoga classes, Delicious meals, and Kirtan and Yoga Wisdom Workshops etc.

Please commit to the full day retreat or drop in after 4pm 
 if you can't afford to donate monetary contact us to make arrangement for Seva work-trade energy exchange. Don't miss this for lack of funds! 

Bring swimsuit, towel, hat, yoga mat, water bottle etc.

RSVP your spot via email or text 
808 551-6610 

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808-551-6610 .

   Coming soon....5 Day Kirtan Yoga Retreat      



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Who is Acharya das? 

As an adept, life-long yoga practitioner and disciple of a genuine spiritual preceptor, Acharya das has the authority to speak in great depth about the essence of yoga and the practical application of yoga wisdom in a person's life. His teachings are based solidly on the Vedic scriptures and the bona fide conclusions of great saintly Vaishnava acharyas. Because of Acharya das' profound understanding of the yoga teachings, he is able to present elevated spiritual topics in a way that is easily accessible to people of all levels. Acharya das is very highly regarded as a transcendentalist; his knowledgeable wisdom and spiritual discourses are in high demand among yoga communities all over the world. 

Kauai's WEEKLY mini yoga retreat 


  • 4pm Yoga Asana with Renata

  • (Or join our Devotional Lei Making Circle)
  • 5pm Kirtan Bliss with Radha and Gopal 
  • 6pm Meditation & Yoga Wisdom Workshop 
  • 6.30pm Vegan Potluck Dinner
  • 7-8pm Ecstatic Kirtan Dance!

1st Sunday of the Month
 4-8pm at the Bhakti Yoga Shack!

Contact Radha via text or email 
for directions to our Anahola location  

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