April Underwood, a teacher of teachers

Our Guest teachers: April is simply a lover of movement, rhythm, dance, and fitness of all kinds and regularly leads yoga  teacher training courses and retreats worldwide.  April is also a post-rehabilitation conditioning specialist, working with clients recovering from injuries with the practices of Yoga, Pilates, and massage therapy.   

 April has been extensively trained and certified to teach various styles of yoga and fitness since 1991, including Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Pilates, and various other fitness disciplines including Insanity, and P90X!  .

   April has a full time practice in Carmichael, California working with clients to help each person discover the yoga and fitness practice that is ideal for them.    Strength...Power...Grace...Serenity

Renata Widula, RYT 200

Renata Widula is a heart-based yoga asana teacher, dedicated to the practice and teachings of yoga. She trained in Ashtanga practice in Thailand, and has been hosting weekly donation-based yoga asana classes on the beachfront of Kauai for the last 3 years. Renata offers yoga asana with the purest intention to be of SERVICE to the community, welcoming all to enjoy the benefits of yoga asana, regardless of economic condition, trusting that it is in the giving that we truly receive.

"Renata's yoga asana classes allow you to go much deeper into your practice. You'll embark on a personal transformational journey that will continue unfolding for the rest of your life."

After exploring many styles, Renata fell in love with Ashtanga Yoga. And after years of practice, she discovered that there is much more to Yoga than mastering asana - to truly be a teacher of yoga, one must live the practice. This personal realization lead Renata to embrace the path of Bhakti. Currently, she volunteers and studies yoga philosophy at the Bhakti Yoga Shack on Kauai.

Renata's Yoga Asana classes allow you to explore your body, connect with your heart and breath, and find strength from within. She designs her classes so that everyone can participate by including modifications for beginners and supporting experienced yogis in reaching new heights. Renata is committed to offering Yoga as a healthy way of life to the community. She leads regular yoga classes, and hosts a weekly sunset yoga asana class on Kauai by donation

Renata, a long-time vegetarian/vegan, practices the yoga teachings of Ahimsa (non-violence). She walks the talk - living the practice on and off the mat.

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Sadhana Sunday

Sky Rudd

Our guest teacher, Sky, has been practicing yoga for over ten years. His asana roots began with Ashtanga Vinyasa classes from his father in Texas, then unfolded into a deep personal practice, which culminated in a year-long, 350-hour certification in the Australian asana style known as Veda Yoga. Sky's teaching style - which he calls Skyoga - infuses Ashtanga and Vinyasa with Yin and Veda Yoga, plus a touch of Bhakti to create a truly unique experience that many students are drawn to from all levels. Sky hosts ongoing Yoga Retreats on the Hawaiian islands, and has taught in over three continents worldwide. He adapts each individual class to the specific environment and energetic needs of his students.

  Renata a long time vegetarian/vegan practices the yoga teachings of Ahimsa; non-violence. She walks the talk-  living the  practice on and off the mat. 

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Join us in cultivating community. All donations and love offerings directly support Kauai's beautiful community events put on by the Bhakti Yoga Shack. We invite you to actively be part of this offering by giving what you can monetarily. Together let's keep giving, expanding our hearts, and sharing the love!

Sadhana-Bhakti is loving service in action or devotion in practice. It is the opening of our hearts, and the active cultivation of love and devotion. It is giving, sharing, and offering back.​

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Amanda Is a Big Island based Yoga teacher who completed her yoga teacher certification course in the style of Hatha yoga with Veda Yoga Teacher Training. Amanda offers donation-based classes and 1-3 day Yoga Retreats to students of all levels, believing that the practice of yoga should be made available to all. In her practice, she incorporates the use of ancient Sanskrit mantras to aid in deeper relaxation and assist students in achieving a sense of inner peace and harmony. She offers a well-rounded class that focuses on fluid movements and incorporates strength-building poses, as well as relaxing and restorative poses. Amanda currently lives on an organic farm in Pahoa, where she helps host a work exchange program for volunteers from all the around the world, The program teaches the volunteers about organic farming, healthy vegetarian diets, yoga, kirtan, and meditation. Amanda is a volunteer yoga teacher for Bhakti Yoga Shack's Kauai Yoga retreats.

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