About Us

Living to love; As long time students of Bhakti Yoga, Radha dasi
and Gopal das have dedicated their lives to the path of service to
God and service to others. Offering Sacred Kirtan Gatherings to
the community of Kauai for the last ten years simply as a gift of


Although small business owners, their full time job is raising their family

and home-schooling their four children. 

Radha & Gopal enjoy surfing, vegetarian cooking, organic gardening, and yoga.
But most of all, they enjoy coming together for their daily Sadhana-Bhakti practice in the morning, where
they begin the day together by connecting first with God and each other.
During their time on Kauai Radha dasi and Gopal das have touched many hearts with their devotional singing,
and humble sharing of the teachings of Bhakti creating a ripple affect which has gone on to assist in
the transformational shift in the lives of others- many of whom have  embraced the path of Bhakti in
their own hearts.

Together Lets-Live-Love-Serve!